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This newsletter is designed to inform you of the latest additions to 
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If you wish to receive my FREE FDA-Rx Newsletter, just enter your preferred e-mail address, your first name, and last name.  You will receive the newsletter with just name and e-mail address, but I strongly advise you to enter your mobile number OR the landline from which you will most likely need to call me "when the chips are down."  I only answer calls to my mobile number (317-626-6973) if the Caller I.D. confirms that you're a real person in my contact manager.  Otherwise leave a voice mail or send me a text or an e-mail so I can call you back.

To help you understand my motives, I have two overarching goals:  

·         My Goal #1 is to ensure that patients continue to have access to their vitally-needed CSPs from their pharmacies and physicians, even at today's inadequate levels of Quality Assurance; and

·         My Goal #1A is to IMPROVE Quality Assurance by compounding healthcare professionals, as integrally and rapidly as possible without compromising Patient Access.

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